E-Wastes and How to Deal With Them

The struggle with e-wastes or electronic wastes is real. Even trash has gotten one notch up the technology ladder these days. As a matter of fact, the landfills in America consist of about 2% of e-wastes. But what’s more alarming is the fact that these wastes comprise 70% of the toxic waste in all of the United States.


E-waste is toxic because electronics contain harmful lead and other metals that are rather hazardous to the health. E-wastes have to be disposed of properly, and in some cases recycled accordingly to ensure that all harmful toxins won’t end up in the environment and eventually, inside our bodies.

Identifying E-Wastes

The common examples of e-wastes are old computers, televisions, radios, hard drives, compact discs, cables, and other electronic items that you no longer need. Ideally, these wastes must not end up in the landfill where they would decay and emit harmful chemicals in the air in the process.

If you have several of these wastes in your home or office, then you have to call an e-waste service provider near you so they can bring your trash to recycling facilities. In there, some parts will be salvaged to be useful again, thus helping preserve the earth’s natural resources as well.

Often times, companies that offer hard drive and media destruction services offer e-waste solutions as well. If you have a company that handles data destruction in your office, talk to them. High are the chances that they can handle the rest of your electronic wastes, too.

Reliable E-Waste Solutions

Don’t contribute to global warming and environmental destruction. Do your share and dispose of your electronic trash properly for the benefit of this generation and the next. Even if you’re just an individual or a small company with seemingly minimal electronic trash to dispose of, every little item counts. Work with companies that offer e-waste solutions that would effectively dispose of all the outdated technology in your home or business.

They can collect those items from your place and take them to a recycling center where the experts would handle the rest. Look for reliable service providers near you and request a quote from them. Find out how cheap and hassle-free it is to remove old electronics so you can make more room for the new.

E-Waste Removal Expertise

Some companies that offer e-waste solutions are ready to either recycle old junk or donate the still usable ones to people that may still have a need for them. They can be hired for single or multiple item pick up so it’s really not a problem if you only have a few items to dispose of. Just call the company beforehand so you know how much you have to pay for the service.

With the help of these companies, you don’t have to lift a finger to clean out your home or office of unwanted electronic junk. You simply call them up and let them handle everything else. The disposal of different items may vary greatly so be sure to ask before doing anything else.

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Proper Paper and Data Shredding

Many companies and people become the victim of identity stealing and scams because of failure in keeping personal information that other person used off as a stolen certificate. Every business and individual has to take note that it is important to take care of the way they disposed of paperwork with data on it to protect their privacy and personal information. We at shredding services near me believe that your business is really valuable that’s why we created this article that tackles the benefits when you perform the proper document shredding.

Data Shredding

1. Proper document shredding provides the business owners and clients a calmness and peace of mind knowing that their information has been disposed of in the right way.

2. You can gain trust from your customers knowing that you prioritize their privacy and personal information. Giving your customers peace of mind is very important in building a good relationship with them. It is one way of knowing that you both are looking for the welfare of each other.

3. It is also an effective way of providing a secure and clean way of taking care of waste. At the end of the day, no one likes to have a lot of loose papers around the office. Also, it is the best way of getting rid of the mess like old pay slips, tax form and unnecessary voucher.

4. You minimize the risk of criminals getting your information. We are aware that most of the criminals frequently sort through garbage to find the victim’s personal data. This is the reason why proper document shredding should be kept in mind.

5. It can give you the satisfaction of knowing that you are performing your role to protect the environment and the sake of your clients. Businesses that go out of the way to look after their clients will find reliability and more income because they are a trusted company. Recycling your company’s documents will surely bring a positive impact to the environment.

Here are some of the things that you can protect in doing proper paper shredding:

  • Identity theft
    According to the study, identity theft affects many people. In order to stay away from these criminals, hire a reliable shredding service which can help you dispose of your confidential papers carefully and securely.
  • Bank Statements
    Any important papers that include bank confidentiality should be appropriately disposed of and shredded. This includes old bank statements and company banking information.
  • Void checks
    Even if the check is void, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that the information it contains can’t be used against you. The bank account number listed on the checks can be used to steal money from you even if it says void.
  • Old IDs
    If you are one of those people who like to save your old IDs such as college IDs ao old employer IDs, consider using paper shredding to avoid identity theft. The information included on your ID could be used against you for a bigger and larger theft system.

Proper paper shredding is very significant in this day and age. There are serious effects and impacts to not properly disposing of your personal papers in a secure way. It is not only designated for a large company but for a small company as well. We need to make sure that the documents are shredded properly to stay safe against identity criminals.

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The Best Practices You Should Have In Choosing Paper Shredding Service 

Organizing paper documents can be stressful and time-consuming for individuals and businesses alike—the decision to do storing or just destroy certain papers can be overwhelming. But the temptation to just keep all of your documents can take over the process. Despite these instances though, it is essential to safely dispose of some paper documents over a period of time. Paper Shredding Service 

If you have a business, you will have all sorts of documents and files which you’ve been collecting and storing for many years but you may no longer need now. For instance, you can’t just throw them in the trash or into recycling bins easily for this poses a threat to you and your business. You need to dispose of all these documents properly. You can do this yourself, which is time-consuming for many, or you can hire a shredding company that provides this kind of service. 

The paper shredding Framingham is just one example of a company you can go to the service. But any company you likely to choose must comply with all legal obligations in document destruction.  

Here’s how to choose a paper shredding service provider. 

1. Customer service support must be good. Customer service support is an important part when choosing any company for the service you are looking for. You may want to know that the customer service support is available when you need them. Many times we call a customer service support if we experience an emergency. And if you found out that you can’t contact anybody, the most likely reaction you’ll have is panic. But even if a company is available past general office hours, if their customer service is not good, it’s just a matter of time before you start looking for another option. 

When you are looking for any company that provides paper shredding service, make sure to check out their office hours as well as their service hours. Some companies have service hours that concur with regular office hours, so this is not really a good choice for you. You need to go with that company provider who has longer service hours. There must also be several options to get hold of their customer services support, such as email, phone, and fax. 

2. Reliable Security. The paper shredding service company must make your security their top priority. This means that whoever they will send to do the service for you should be responsible and would have had background checks and no criminal records for instance. Because you don’t want to end up in any unnecessary situation while doing the service. They should also be wearing a photo ID which makes them a legitimate employer of the paper shredding company. You can also make a point of trying to find out about them. When choosing, you can also check if what the place of paper shredding company is safe and secured to any data breach.  

But more than these practices, you should be provided with proper documentation of any services they will provide to you. Choose wisely! 

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